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What Can I Offer The Lord?

Accept my offerings of praise, O Lord, and teach me your ordinances.

(Psalm 119:108 NSRV)

There are different types of offerings and countless ways to please God through them. This page is dedicated to financial offerings. Consider some of these ideas: 
  • Purchase and sell tickets to church event (e.g., Everybody's Birthday, Mother/Daughter Brunch).
  • Financially support the special initiatives of the church (e.g., funding a building project like a new roof or updating the sound system). 
  • Donate to the educational funds of the church. See Scholarships & Grant page. 
  • Buy goods and products that are sold in fundraisers (e.g., Homeless Committee's candy fundraiser, VAR Club's bake sales). 
  • Buy supplies and materials for a church event (e.g., flowers for dinner tables, ties for youth ushers). 
  • Buy books for the PBC Children's Library
  • Adopt a child at Christmas and buy toys and clothes.
  • Purchase poinsettias during Advent and Easter lilies during Lent from the Floral Club
  • Take out an ad in a church program booklet (e.g., Unity Day, Women's Day, and Men's Day booklets).
Remember that your offerings are gifts above and beyond your tithes. They don't replace your tithes.
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