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Notices  and Coming Events 

Worship Services In Person and Virtual – 10:00 a.m.

Thursday Bible Study 11:00 a.m. via Conference Call

Friday Night Prayer Service 7:00 p.m. via Conference Call


    Unity Season 2023 Notice:   Unity Day  Steering Committee meetings will be held monthly on the 3rd Saturday at 11:00 a.m.  in person

   and via Zoom.   All are invited and encouraged to attend.

   Multimedia Ministry Notice:  Interested in a copy of a Sunday service or a special service that was recorded in the sanctuary? Bring a storage

   device, and a copy of the service you desire will be installed on the device. There is no charge to do the installation. If you prefer a DVD

   copy of a service, the cost is $7.00. The Ministry no longer record services on a CD. See any member of the Multimedia Ministry.

   Notes from the Seasoned Gleamers:   Notes from the Seasoned Gleamers:  Time is running out! Please don't miss the opportunity to have your

   favorite recipe of love published in our keepsake Seasoned Gleamers Cookbook. The last date to submit your favorite recipes is Sunday

   September 24th  2023.  Forms are located on the table in the Narthex. You may place your completed forms in the designated box or email it

   to the church,  “Yes, what about the children?”  There is a Kids Delight section just for your favorite

   recipes, ice cream toppings etc. Please type or print recipes clearly.  Contact any Cookbook Committee member with your questions, Sisters Shirley

   Parker, Pamela Summers, Jeanetta James, Deborah Muse or Trustee Pierritte Daniel.

   The Seasoned Gleamers will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 12:30 p.m. via conference call.  All seniors are invited and encouraged to

   join the Seasoned Gleamers and to call in to the monthly meetings.  For additional information, please contact Sis. Odell Reaves, Chairperson.

   Reminder:  You can give using PayPal.  PayPal is an online and mobile giving platform where members can give tithes and offerings to the church

   using their individual PayPal accounts.   Providence’s PayPal name is: pbc1401. Go to and type in the amount.


May is Family Month at Providence

   Saturday, May 27th  12:00 p.m.,  Visionettes Liturgical Dance Ministry rehearsal.   2:30 p.m., Unity Day Game Night at Camden Yards. 

   Sunday, May 28th 10:00 a.m.,  The V. A. R. Club will sit-in in recognition of its anniversary.

   Monday, May 29th,  Memorial Day Holiday – Church Office Closed.

   Saturday, June 3rd 12:00 p.m.,  Youth Ministry Meeting in person.  1:30 p.m.,  The Marcus Garvey Wood Parent and Child Exchange Committee will

   meet in person.


   Sunday, June 4th 10:00 a.m.,  Communion Sunday.

   Saturday, June 10th 11:00 a.m., Missionary Society Meeting.  12:00 p.m.,  Visionettes Liturgical Dance Ministry rehearsal.

   Sunday, June 11th 10:00 a.m.,  Children’s Day.  Recognition of Graduates.

   Saturday, June 17th 11:00 a.m.,  Unity Season Steering Committee meeting.  12:00 p.m., Embracing Our Heritage in person activity.

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