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Church Administration & Staff

Our church administration and staff oversee the daily operations of the church. 

Field of Flowers

Finance Committee

Sister Erika Maynor, Chairperson

Vacant, Vice Chairperson

Trustee Wendy Baker, Secretary

Trustee Barbara Redman, Church Treasurer

Trustee Elva Williams, Assistant Church Treasurer

Sister Monica Belle

Sister Barbara Perry Boaz

Sister Valerie Daniel

 Sister Sandra East

Sister Cheryl Hitchcock

Trustee Denise King
Trustee Barbara Wilson

Dr. Maxine Wood

Brother Garry Richards

Brother Virgil Wright, Jr.

Church Staff

Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Summers, Pastor

Sister D'Juana Boone, Church Secretary


Brother John Artis, Facility Maintenance Attendant

Brother Edward Emerson, Evening Attendant


Trustee Denise King, Church Clerk

Sister Brendella Hawkins, Membership Secretary
Sister Monica Belle, Data Entry Secretary


Rev. Kevin Carter

Director, Inspirational Singers

Rev. Dr. Kathryn Carver

Organist, Women's Chorus

Organist, Inspirational Singers

Sister Kimberly Davis

Directress, Combined Choir

Directress, Women's Chorus


Deacon Gregory Horne

Director, Male & Gospel Chorus

Assistant Director, Children's Choir

Sister Lenora Horne

Directress, Children's Choir

Musician, Male & Gospel Chorus

Vacant, Director

Psalmodists of Praise

Youth & Young Adult Choir

Praise Team

Personnel Committee

Sister Mattie Gaines, Chairperson

Sister Constance Chew

Trustee Ernest Eley, Jr.

Sister Barbara Evans
Deacon Denise Ruffin
Sister Denise Shipley Smith-Green
Brother Joshua Summers

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