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Board of Christian Education

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise wisdom and instruction." ~Proverbs 1:7 (NIV)

Members of the Board of Christian Education seek to unify all of the Christian education activities and efforts within the church. Their work directly affects the Christian growth of individual church members and the church as a whole. Check out the Board of Christian Education newsletters here.


Board Members

Sister Shirley Bolding, Chairperson

Deacon-In-Training Claudette Lindsay Habermann, Vice-chairperson

Sister Iris Harris, Secretary

Deacon Cynthia Bentley, Chairperson

Missionary Society

Deacon Myrtha Allen, Chairperson

Multimedia Ministry

Deacon Myrtha Allen, Chairperson

Evangelism Ministry

Dr. Maxine Wood, Chairperson 

Scholarships & Grant Committee

Deacon Denise Ruffin, Chairperson

Women's Ministry


Brother Joshua Summers, Pending Chairperson

Young Adult Ministry

Sister Yolando Lowery, Coordinator

Marcus G. Wood Parent/Child Exchange

Brother Edward Johnson, Chairperson

Men's Fellowship

Ministry Leadership

Sister Stacey Rodgers Eley, Superintendent

Sister Deborah Muse, Assistant Superintendent

Sunday Church School

Deacon Tyree Gregory, Chairperson 

American Baptist Men (Area 1)

Vacant, Chairperson

American Baptist Women (Area 1)

Brother James Roberts, Editor

Board of Christian Education Newsletter

Deacon Thomasine Baskerville, Chairperson

Leadership Development Committee

Sister Jada Byron, Pending Chairperson

Children's Ministry


Brother Kenneth and Sister LaShawn Jessup

Pending, Co-Chairpersons

Family Life Ministry


Vacant, Co-Chairpersons

HIV/AIDS Ministry

Sister Yolando Lowery, Chairperson

Youth Ministry

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