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Board of Trustees

The chief duty of a trustee is also provided to us in the sixth chapter in Acts. They, too, assist the co-pastors in carrying out the mission of the church. The trustees hold in trust for the church membership the material possessions that the church has accrued. Trustees are stewards and should be scrupulously honest, practical, thrifty and have sound judgment and financial stability.

Active Trustees

Trustee Ernest Eley, Jr., Chairperson

Trustee Jonathan Wiggins, Sr., Vice-Chairperson

Trustee Angela Byrd, Secretary

Trustee Barbara Wilson, Assistant Secretary

Trustee Denise King, Treasurer

Trustee Wendy Baker

Trustee David Bell

Trustee Jarrett Carter, Sr.

Trustee Joyce Coleman

Trustee Pierritte Daniel

Trustee Lily McElveen

Trustee Melvin Powell

Trustee Barbara Redman

Trustee Robert Robinson

Trustee Wayne Wiggins

Trustee Elva D. Williams

Trustee Roosevelt Key

Trustee Curtis Shirley

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