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How Do I Start Tithing?

"...reveal to me the way I should go because I long for You" (Psalm 143: 8 GNT)

God knows our intentions, our actions, our thoughts, and our feelings. If you earnestly want to tithe but can't figure out a path to start, consider these tips. 
1. Pray. Ask God to show you a path to your goal and believe that He will. 
2. Study God's Word. Read the Bible to find out what God wants you to do with your money. It's not enough to believe what anyone else tells you about God's Word. You have to give God your time and energy by reading and meditating on His Word. Each time you read it, you will be renewed and informed. 
3. Seek guidance. Have a private conversation with your pastor or deacon. Ask about how they started their financial sacrifice to God. Find out any tips that they may have to help you on your journey. 
4. Create a budget of all of your expenses/bills. Write down what you earn every month and how much you spend. Make sure to include your tithes, rent/mortgage, gas & electronic, water, cell phone, cable, loans, gas, groceries, insurance, and more. ***Note that the tithes is first on your list because your tithes is your 1st 10%, not your last. Your tithes comes off the top of your income. 
5. Consider your stewardship. After creating a budget, review it. Are you being a good steward of your money? Are there things that you can cut out? Many times, we don't "have money" because we are spending our resources on luxuries instead of necessities. God's not a luxury. We need Him, and He comes first!
6. Start somewhere. If you don't make enough to support your basic needs, God knows that and understands that. Start somewhere, even if it's 2%. See what happens when God sees that you have made a commitment to him. He will bless you, but there's a catch. When he blesses you, more is required. When the blessing comes, increase to 4% or 5%. Keep working your way up. 
7. Tell others the Good News. When you have experienced God personally, don't keep it personal. Tell everyone! Tell others how scared you were, but how you pushed yourself to trust him more. Tell others how uncomfortable you were, but how you found peace in that space. Tell others of your victory in getting a higher paying job or a raise. Don't keep it to yourself. 
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